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My name is Leo & this is my story... putting this video out on the internet was pretty hard for me. I always felt people would judge me cause of where I came from, but I decided to share my story to help other people out there, that are going thru similar struggles that I went thru. #LifeOfLeo to #ELLEN

My goal one day is to go back and help other kids all around the world, that may feel alone or lost in the world. I hope I can help motivate at least a few people out there to not give up and keep moving forward! You are not alone. I hope guys enjoyed this video, my name is Leo McManus and THIS is my story! #LifeOfLeo to #ELLEN

TWEET THE HASHTAG #LIFEOFLEO to Ellen! I know its a long shot but it doesn't hurt to try.... #LIFEOFLEO #ELLEN

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Message for Vitaly...
I want to thank Vitaly for everything and allowing me to use his platform to share my story with you guys. Without him everything you see wouldn't be possible. I never really had any family or anyone look out for me until now. Thank you Vitaly from the bottom of my heart for absolutely everything...

The Life Of Leo

#lifeofleo #ellen

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