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Now, today, we are living in an age which is quite peculiar. Because, in the world of science, there are no longer any secrets because the method of science requires that all scientists be in communication with each other and, therefore, that every scientist—as soon as he has discovered something, or got a good idea—he rushes into print. And it's important for him to do so because some other scientist somewhere else in the world might be thinking about something on the same lines and would be stimulated in his work by this man's speculations, even if not by discoveries. And so the whole scientific world tries to remain in communication, and for this reason it was absolutely impossible to keep atomic energy a secret. In former ages that might have been managed, because there were many secrets once upon a time and people were not admitted to these secrets unless they were in some way tested and found capable of handling them without running amok. We live in such a dangerous age because all the secrets are out in the open and anybody can run amok with them. And that's just the situation we have to face and that is just the situation we have to handle. It is too late to stop it because that would be, as they say, locking the door after the horse has bolted.

The vice president of an extremely important corporation in the United States—very progressive and very vital—a few months ago said, "There are two major forces operating in the world today, for good or for evil. One is red China, the other is LSD." And there is a certain reason why such a thing as a certain chemical—which is capable of opening people's minds in a certain way—should be something extremely disturbing. Because this particular chemical—in common with a number of others that have been known for centuries (but have been rather played cool through those centuries)—is capable of doing something which simply cannot be tolerated. That is to say: capable of letting properly prepared individuals—or sometimes improperly prepared individuals—in on a secret which is very closely guarded and which is, as a matter of fact, the deepest and most fundamental of all our social taboos.

I have just finished writing a book which I have had—with a sort of tongue-in-cheek attitude—had the temerity to call The Book, and it is subtitled The Book, you see, On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. Because that is really the thing that cannot be let out.

Sex is not really a serious taboo in our culture. If you are initiating a young person into life, and you realize that your son or daughter is going to college and that you ought, therefore, to have a serious talk with them, they'll laugh at you and say, "All these things you're telling us about sex we knew years ago, and we know more about it than you do." So that is not a subject for a serious initiation talk to a young person.

So we have to think again and try and find out—think deeply—what is fundamentally taboo in this culture, and perhaps in other cultures as well? What would—what information, in other words—would really let the cat out of the bag and give away the show?


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