Daughter Caught By Dad On Live Stream (STREAM FAILS) ─ LiveStreamFails

She had no idea her dad was watching the live stream and said THIS, EXPOSED!

In this video we're going to take a look Twitch TV Streamers and their most awkward mistakes on twitch tv!

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Twitch Streamers featured in this video:

0:39 https://twitch.tv/jadeyanh
2:01 https://twitch.tv/itswill
3:55 https://twitch.tv/artbyrobot
4:51 https://twitch.tv/rajjpatel and https://twitch.tv/callmecarson / callmecarson
6:04 https://twitch.tv/jaycgee
6:54 https://twitch.tv/psisyn
7:34 https://twitch.tv/suncracker0
7:58 https://twitch.tv/devinnash
8:52 https://twitch.tv/summit1g

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